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The Max-Planck-Society is one of the world's premier places to conduct visionary, high-risk, long term, and fundamental research. The Max-Planck-Institute for Intelligent System, and in particular the Autonomous Motion Department, is always looking for outstanding research talents on the Ph.D. student, postdoctoral, and research scientist level. Max-Planck-Institutes are unique in that they can offer career paths from beginning Ph.D. students up to W2 (roughly equivalent to an assistant/associate professor level) positions, which can even lead to tenure.

Thus, the Autonomous Motion Department is always looking for new talents, from Ph.D. students to research scientists to junior professor levels. What we care about is a strong commitment to top-notch academic research. We are interested in people who like to gain international experience, are strongly self-motivated, can integrate into a team, and who can drive creative and new ideas. Our MPI can offer unparalleled academic freedom, opportunity to work with the best equipment in the world, and to gain ample experience in international conferences and collaborations.

If you are interested in applying, first determine on which level you would like to work. Then, send a brief inquiry and a CV to Stefan Schaal -> mailto:%20sschaal [snail] is [period] mpg [period] de for some initial assessment. Obviously, your research interest has to match the topics pursued in our department -- see our research webpage and publications for details. If positive, more information will be required, like a research statement and reference letters. For high level position, like a junior professor level, a longer research proposal will be needed.

We are always also welcoming national and international applications of people who would like to bring their own funding, e.g., from the EU, the DFG, or other resources. We can offer excellent facilities for these people, and often matching funds and/or personnel.

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