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Short Bio

Yanlong Huang received his Ph.D. degree from Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA). During his Ph.D., his main work includes two aspects: 1) Development of the memory-based learning method in the ping-pong robotic system, where the learning method includes the learning ability, the execution efficiency and the data storage. 2) The integration of the physical knowledge, the human experience and the memory-based learning approach in the robotic system. The integration makes full use of the available information to achieve a higher performance of the robot. His research interest lies in machine learning and its applications to robotic system.

Contact Information

Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Autonomous Motion Department/Empirical Inference Department
Spemannstr. 38
72076 Tübingen

E-Mail: yanlong (dot) huang (at) tuebingen (dot) mpg (dot) de

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