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Reference TypeConference Proceedings
Author(s)Nakanishi, J.;Morimoto, J.;Endo, G.;Cheng, G.;Schaal, S.;Kawato, M.
TitleA framework for learning biped locomotion with dynamic movement primitives
Journal/Conference/Book TitleIEEE-RAS/RSJ International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids 2004)
Keywordsmovement primitives, dynamic systems, locomotion, phase resetting, learning
AbstractThis article summarizes our framework for learning biped locomotion using dynamical movement primitives based on nonlinear oscillators. Our ultimate goal is to establish a design principle of a controller in order to achieve natural human-like locomotion. We suggest dynamical movement primitives as a central pattern generator (CPG) of a biped robot, an approach we have previously proposed for learning and encoding complex human movements. Demonstrated trajectories are learned through movement primitives by locally weighted regression, and the frequency of the learned trajectories is adjusted automatically by a frequency adaptation algorithm based on phase resetting and entrainment of coupled oscillators. Numerical simulations and experimental implementation on a physical robot demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed locomotion controller. Furthermore, we demonstrate that phase resetting contributes to robustness against external perturbations and environmental changes by numerical simulations and experiments.
Place PublishedLos Angeles, CA: Nov.10-12, Santa Monica, CA
Short TitleA framework for learning biped locomotion with dynamic movement primitives

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