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Reference TypeJournal Article
Author(s)Schaal, S.
TitleThe new robotics - towards human-centered machines
Journal/Conference/Book TitleHFSP Journal Frontiers of Interdisciplinary Research in the Life Sciences
Keywordsassistive robotics, humanoid robotics, perspective
AbstractResearch in robotics has moved away from its primary focus on industrial applications. The New Robotics is a vision that has been developed in past years by our own university and many other national and international research instiutions and addresses how increasingly more human-like robots can live among us and take over tasks where our current society has shortcomings. Elder care, physical therapy, child education, search and rescue, and general assistance in daily life situations are some of the examples that will benefit from the New Robotics in the near future. With these goals in mind, research for the New Robotics has to embrace a broad interdisciplinary approach, ranging from traditional mathematical issues of robotics to novel issues in psychology, neuroscience, and ethics. This paper outlines some of the important research problems that will need to be resolved to make the New Robotics a reality.
Short TitleThe new robotics - towards human-centered machines

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