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Reference TypeConference Proceedings
Author(s)Mistry, M.;Nakanishi, J.;Schaal, S.
TitleTask space control with prioritization for balance and locomotion
Journal/Conference/Book TitleIEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robotics Systems (IROS 2007)
Keywordsoperational space control, locomotion, balance, hierarchical
AbstractThis paper addresses locomotion with active balancing, via task space control with prioritization. The center of gravity (COG) and foot of the swing leg are treated as task space control points. Floating base inverse kinematics with constraints is employed, thereby allowing for a mobile platform suitable for locomotion. Different techniques of task prioritization are discussed and we clarify differences and similarities of previous suggested work. Varying levels of prioritization for control are examined with emphasis on singularity robustness and the negative effects of constraint switching. A novel controller for task space control of balance and locomotion is developed which attempts to address singularity robustness, while minimizing discontinuities created by constraint switching. Controllers are evaluated using a quadruped robot simulator engaging in a locomotion task.
Place PublishedSan Diego, CA: Oct. 29 đ Nov. 2
Short TitleTask space control with prioritization for balance and locomotion

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